Convert tolino highlights

Convert the highlights and notes on your tolino to separate files. Transfer the quotes and annotations from your tolino e-reader and use them in your notes app!

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What is notes.txt, where do I find it?

Tolino stores all your highlights and notes in a file called notes.txt. That’s cool, but they’re sorted chronologically. It can be quite puzzling if you read several books in parallel. Notulator pulls the text snippets from each other and moves them to separate files: one per book. To convert your notes.txt:

  1. Connect your tolino with USB to your computer.
  2. Navigate with the file manager of your computer (Finder or Explorer) to the root directory of your tolino.
  3. Drag the file ‘notes’ or ‘notes.txt’ to Notulator.

We need a file called 'notes' from your Tolino. Possibly, it's shown as 'notes.txt'. The file you provided seemed to be something else though.

We thought you were dropping a file, but then nothing appeared.

Easy now, please drop one file at a time. Actually, there should only be one notes.txt file on your Tolino.

Sorry, we couldn't recognize your file. Are you sure you provided the notes.txt file? It's easiest to drop it straight from your Tolino while it's connected to your computer.

You can now drop your file.

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